August Alsina is a Sexy Sagger


  1. Is This from a video ?

  2. Yeah what video is it from? It would be awesome if u posted a link of a video in each post u post if u have a video link for the post so we don't keep annoying u by asking for video links each time. :P

    1. The video is:
      Thanks for the critique I will add the links in future posts but I fear by doing this people won't comment so I can't tell which celebs you guys like most!

    2. I will comment. You should post a suggesting/requesting post where people can comment on it and tell you who they want to see on your website. :)

  3. Nevermind, I found the video. I like your site, but please post video links in the future if the post/pics have a video. Thanks. :)

    1. Oh I forgot, here is the video link for the dude in the first comment. Enjoy!

  4. August Alsina! HE IS SO HOT! Please post more of him!!!! <3

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